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Praying Together


Koinonia International is a daughter ministry of the Lakas-Angkan Ministries (LAMI), a ministry based in the Philippines. LAMI is a non-denominational, holistic disciple making ministry and lay missionary movement. The founding leaders of LAMI were discipled by The Navigators in the 1960’s.

Koinonia International believes in the Christian tenets as stipulated in the Nicene Creed. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, our spiritual food and absolute authority in all areas of life. We believe that everyone has sinned and falls short of the glory of God, and needs salvation by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. Lastly, the ministry believes that the Christian faith is to be lived out consistently on a daily basis as a testimony of our praise and worship to God.

Koinonia International is an evangelistic and disciple making ministry which aims to fulfill Christ's Great Commission. The word “koinonia” is a Greek word which means true fellowship. The church aspires to experience true fellowship among its members as a testimony of God’s love. The ministry started in January 2007 in Karlstad, Sweden.


A multitude of disciples committed to evangelism and disciplemaking, reaching the whole world for Christ.


To fulfill Christ's Great Commission by making disciples and reproducible disciplemaking ministries.


We aspire to follow the Jesus Ministry Pattern (JMP) in discipling new believers.  The empowered believers will in turn mentor others as they grow and lead cell groups. 

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